Science, Scripture, and Sexuality: The US United Methodist Church at a Crossroads

:  During the past 50 years, medical and behavioral scientists have made great progress in understanding the variables which influence the development of sexual orientation, identity, and consequent behavior. In most instances, homosexuality is influenced by hormonal, genetic, and immunologic variables during fetal development, and the effects cannot usually be altered without consequence. The recent struggle within The United Methodist Church in the USA reflects the difficulty that society in general has with accepting homosexuality as part of the spectrum of sexuality. Hopefully, understanding the factors influencing sexual orientation will aid in reducing prejudice and eventually bring an end to the pain endured by the LGBTQ community, and the conflict within The United Methodist Church, a prototype of the struggle.

Please visit this link to view the full article written by Dr. Barbara Lukert, Professor Emerita in the Division of Endocrinology, Metabolism & Genetics in the Department of Medicine in the University of Kansas Health Systems, and Rev. Lee Johnson, a former Asbury pastor with advanced degrees in education and divinity, having served in local churches and in a United Methodist Seminary since 1984. A recorded interview with the duo is posted below.