Prayers of Joy and Concern

updated May 20, 2024


John Church

Don James

Janet Lawson

Shad Sanders

Pam Fish

Marchea Jennings

Ken Mai

Tom Strongman

Jim Gantert

Anita Johnson

Kyle Mai

Laurie Turner

Diana Gensler

Janelle Johnson

Ruth McQuigg

Ken Vaughn

Dot Hager

Bill Jones

Diane Neibling

Marilyn Vaughn

Carolyn Harris

Sallie Jones

Stephanie Noland

Pearl Wehrman

John Hollenbeck

Marilyn Kimmi

Barbara Rybolt

Cal Wiebe


Cody Horr, friend of Scott DuPree
Joshua Stone, nephew of Steve Trenholm

*Requester's name in bold

Christina Acosta: Daisy Shaw (friend); Nancy Bernhardt: Nick & Teresa Badgerow (friends); Paula Blood: Linda Angell, Family of Nolan Davidson (friends); David & Beth Bock: Gayle Buroker (Beth's father), Carrie Crowell (in-law); Dwight Borger: Jennifer (daughter), Kristin Jones (grandniece); Lee & Jennifer Cross: Carrie Pohl Stutz, family of Rodger Stutz (friends); Jean Crum: Susan Williams (friend); Sally Day: Heidi Ford, Ginny Givens Mingee, Martha & Gene Burt (friends) & Bonnie Ruwart: Family of Larry Rabon (Cousin to Sally and Bonnie); Hilary Duderstadt: Kay Rowland, David Wilck (friends); Riley Findley: Brandon (uncle); Denise Griffey: Peg Griffey (mother), Marlena Caldwell (friend); Jameia Haines: Family & Friends-Ongoing; Elaine Hostetler: Chris & Kathy Pickering (friends); Janice Hrabik: Kim Phillips (niece); Gloria Inbody: Esther Inbody Dawson (daughter); Sallie Jones: Meagan Jones (daughter), Leela Harris, Violet Huey, Tracy Lacey, Jason Lester & family, Pay Ousley, Zack Parsons, Mike Smith, Mona Tay, Alan Webster (friends); Lindsey Lang & Andrew Lang: Lisa Lang (mother); Jill Moore: Jeff Sims (brother); Katherine & Darrell Newman: Trish DeSandro (daughter) and niece to Bruce & Sharon Newman: Jack Allen (friend); Stephanie Noland: Lisle Rose, Debbie & Ed Samyn Family (friends); Mike Preston: Jay Polonsky (brother-in-law), Bill Murphy (friend); Kay Richter: Oleg, Raisa and the Bliznyuks (family); Tricia Rasmussen: Jane Peterson (aunt); Annie Rogers: Emily Pierce (friend); Mary Russo: Charlene & James Conrad (friends); Reid Samuel: Dale Kleppin (grandfather); Roseann Sanders: Tori (granddaughter) and Jeremy Connelly; Ray Schaffer: Al Schaffer (brother); Aimee Starks: Helen Asbury (mother); Mark Stoneberger: The orphans he supports in Uganda, John (friends); Steve Trenholm: Kileigh Stone (niece); Vanessa Watkins: Vic Sincock (family member); Pat Wurtlin: Justin Wurtlin (grandson), Dave Cheezem (friend).

Please keep those on the confidential list in your prayers as well.

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