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Giving generously at Asbury is what we do best:  We give our time.  We give our talents.  And we give financially to help our church continue to give to our community.  We appreciate all the ways our Asbury family helps us with the important ministries of our church - we couldn't be here without all of YOU.

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Why do we give?

To give to Asbury is all-encompassing.   What we do here goes far beyond just a Sunday morning service.  We open our space to weekly music rehearsals, small group meetings, book clubs, and more.  Missions include our Food Pantry, Evening Care for our special needs friends, and hosting situationally homeless persons through IHN.  On an administrative front, staff salaries, building maintenance and utility costs, program costs, administrative costs, supplies, equipment, and connectional church apportionments are all covered by our total yearly budget.  We couldn't be here without the financial support of our Asbury family.

What is tithing?

The Bible speaks of the tithe as a standard for giving. The tithe is defined as the first ten percent of our earnings, returned to God and the work of the church. This is difficult for some, and others have grown in their generosity well beyond this biblical standard.

Growing in the grace of giving is a worthy, God-honoring goal to consider each year. Your intentional decision to give in proportion to your resources will enable you to accomplish your personal, good steward goal.

Can I set up giving on a schedule?

Absolutely!  Contact our Financial Secretary, Phyllis Williams, at , and she will be happy to help set you up for an ACH withdrawal on your preferred timeline.  You may also fill out our secure online form here.

Where can I find my giving report?
Our giving reports are mailed to your home address periodically.  If at any time you would like an updated copy, please contact our Financial Secretary, Phyllis Williams, at or by calling the church at 913-432-5573.

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