Sunday School

We invite you to join us as we seek to further our discipleship together. Through small groups, Sunday School classes, seasonal classes, speakers, and church-wide events, we seek to build a community full of life that is engaged to practice what we preach.

Anyone is welcome to visit any of the classes listed below. We hope that you find something that interests you! If you have any questions about a group or would like to find the best fit for you, please fill out our online contact form or call the church office at 913.432.5573.

Looking for kids and/or youth classes?  Click here!

Kids Youth

Adult Classes
10 am on Sunday mornings

Room 363 - West Wing

A diverse group of individuals looking for ways to connect with one another, our church, our community, and our world.

Our class focus will vary between different subjects: Faith Links, book reviews, field trips, and service projects. That makes it easy for you to come and attend classes that interest you while not feeling committed to attend full-time, although we hope you will enjoy the fellowship of the class so much that you want to come weekly!


Parlor - East Wing

An older adult class that studies a variety of topics and enjoys various guest speakers.


New Beginnings
Library - West Wing

An inter-generational class that focuses on discussions centered around the Bible.


Open Table
Room 208 - East Wing

We're a meeting of different minds!  For instance...

  • Some of us are lifelong Methodists, and some are not. (Some of us know the Wesleyan Quadrilateral by memory, and some still need to Google what that is).
  • Some of us are young, and some of us are...well, "vintage!"
  • Some of us are progressive in certain ways, and others in different ways.
  • ALL of us are learning, reading, thinking, sharing, and listening around our open table.


Pathways to Joy
Room 374 - West Wing

A group of empty-nesters that meet for study, service, and fellowship.


Room 365 - West Wing

A group of welcoming adults that focuses on mission work and fostering discussion about current events.


Seasonal Classes

Throughout the year, we also offer topical classes, special speakers, and book studies during the Sunday School hour, as well as evenings and during the week, to accommodate a wider variety of schedules.