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  • Sante Fe Trail Elementary School

    Santa Fe Trail Elementary School: Asbury supports Santa Fe Trail Elementary year round through Harvester's BackSnack program. The BackSnack program provides backpacks of food to children living with food-insecurity, providing meals over the weekend. It is important to us to be involved in sustainable programs that provide direct and From October-May, Asbury fills 50 backpacks a week. Asbury also collects food for distribution to the same 50 families prior to Spring Break and provides food for 10 families during the summer months. During the Christmas holiday, we also "adopt families" and collect Christmas gifts. If you are interested in the BackSnack program, please contact Judy Barrett.

  • Interfaith Hospitality Network

    Asbury is part of an interfaith network that provides overnight housing to families experiencing homeless in KC. Four times a year we seek to provide all the comforts of home; a kitchen, bathroom facilities, sleeping arrangements, and privacy to families in need of a respite. We know what it feels like to have a church family we can rely on and we want to make sure our local community feels the same. 

    Volunteers are trained by our missions team and the Interfaith Hospitality Network once a month to ensure their prepared and educated to assist. We provide confidential care and support round-the-clock during host weeks. We are proud to work with local KC organizations dedicated to be a space of hope. 

  • Lazarus Ministries

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  • KC For Refugees

    You can donate diapers in our Welcome Center until April 10th! 

    For our 2017 "Bring Joy" Missional Event on Saturday, April 15th, our Children and Youth Ministries proposed Asbury donate diaper packages to the families resourcing a local non-profit, KC For Refugees. You can read more about KC For Refugees mission on their homepage.  In an effort to build a strong and resilient community, we will be packaging notes of encouragement and support to every family receiving a package of diapers.