Enrollment Schedule

There are a few spots with the program remaining. Please email Ann Porter to inquire about openings. If you would like to be placed on our wait list, email Ann Porter.

NOTE: Our waiting list will be wiped clean on April 1 and October 1 (every six months). To be re-instated on the waiting list, please contact Ann Porter.

Tuition & Fees

Enrollment Fee: $150 for each child enrolling. Paid at enrollment. 

Transportation Fee: $150 annual transportation fee for After School Care students during the school year from the elementary schools the ACC serves.

Infant Classroom



Toddler Classroom



2 to 3 year-old Classroom



3 to 4.5 year-old Classroom



Mixed Age Classroom



Pre-Kindergarten Classroom



After School Care



(9.5 months per year)

Above tuition rates are effective January 1,2018.

After School Care - Summer Care

  • Note: 

    Summer tuition and care starts at the end of the Shawnee Mission School District calendar.  Summer care ends and regular tuition resumes when Shawnee Mission School Districts resume in the fall.”

Pay Tuition Using Tuition Express

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Tuition Express Application

Handbook & Forms

All forms needed for enrollment are below. Forms with an asterisk (*) must be completed by the first day off attendance, or you will not be able to attend. The Emergency Medical Form has to be notarized and in your child's file for him/her to attend their first day.

Parent Handbook, Enrollment Agreement and Photo Release

Parent Handbook PDF

Enrollment Agreement*

Photo Release*

Enrollment Forms and FAQs

Infant Care FAQs

Infant Enrollment Forms*

Preschool Care FAQs

Preschool Enrollment Forms*

FAQs for the After School Child Care

After School Enrollment Form*

Kansas Health Forms

These forms are mandatory. Your child will not be able to attend the first day of school without completed forms.

CCL 010 Kansas Emergency Medical Care Form*

CCL 029 & 029a Kansas Immunization & Assessment Forms*

CACFP Enrollment Form*

CACFP Infant Meal Offer Form*

Other Forms and Documents

Safe Sleep Policy

When Your Child Is Not Feeling Well