Asbury Children's Center

The Martha Leighton Children's Center at Asbury UMC provides infant, toddler, 

and school-age childcare year round.

Asbury Children's Center Now Enrolling:

Infant-Preschool Program | Afterschool/Summer Program (K-6)

To inquire about enrollment in the ACC, please contact Ann Porter, ACC  Director.

Learn more about the ACC Staff here, and learn more about the care provided by the ACC below.

Current Openings: 

2 year old- available now

3 year old - available now

After School Care - Available as of January 1, 2018. 

Bus pick up from Corinth, Sante Fe, Tomahawk, Briarwood, and Belinda Elementary schools. 

Infant Care

The Asbury Infant Program is staffed by a dedicated team of professionals. The teachers care for, nurture and educate the children. Each infant is encouraged to freely explore and discover at his or her own pace. The infant room staff provide a safe and loving environment in which to learn.

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Infant Room Information:

  • Schedules are based on the needs of each individual infant.
  • The teachers speak with each child's parents and follow the requested routine of the child. As well as, sends home daily sheet outlining the daily routine care of the infant.
  • Weekly lesson plans are posted in the room, which focus on primary skills appropriate for a variety of ages.
  • Each day, a variety of activities are offered, which promote all areas of development and create an environment filled with language.
  • The children are spoken to about their activities and the teacher's actions.
  • Music and singing are incorporated into daily curriculum, as well as viewing books and reading.
  • Small, manipulative toys, such as pop beads and Duplo blocks, are available to build fine motor skills.
  • The infant room provides soft, age-appropriate structures to enhance gross motor development.
  • The children are offered many sensory activities including a variety of media in the sensory table.
  • The infants also participate in artwork such as finger painting.
  • Infants are taken outside daily, as weather permits, to enjoy the fresh air and outdoor experiences.

Toddler Care

Our Toddler Classroom is for children that are 12 months and walking to 2.5 years of age. There are 10 children in the classroom with a staff of 3 teachers. The teachers provide hands on activities that involve the senses in some way. Toddler’s attention span in very short so their activities are planned in short increments of time.

Click here for our Parent's Handbook and Forms to fill out.

Toddler Classroom Information

It is important to have a scheduled day for our little friends, as it creates a sense of security and consistency. 

  • The Asbury Children's Center Toddler classroom offers basic care such as diaper changes and meals.
  • Toddlers have one afternoon nap as part of the daily routine.
  • The toddlers have breakfast, lunch, and an afternoon snack.
  • The toddlers use a spoon and sippy cup when they sit down to eat. This is a messy time of the day, but the children love being able to feed themselves!
  • Outdoor and gross motor time is an important part of the day as well. We try to get them outside as often as possible, weather permitting. There is a large open, indoor play space full of cars, balls, and other toys for when the weather prevents us from going outside.

As a toddler, you will see children develop the concept of playing side-by-side rather than a cooperative play. Redirection is the key word to our play time as well as our discipline. Toddlers are just beginning to negotiate the concept of sharing and we have several of the same toys, so that play and sharing is a gradual transition.

2.5-3.5 year-old Class CAre

This is a room of "firsts" for most children. They become acclimated to social, intellectual, and life skills, such as using the toilet independently, properly grasp a pencil, and start developing friendships.

Teachers help cultivate these elements by incorporating music, art, and gross-motor activities so children learn through playing. In turn, the class uses curriculum where lessons are child-directed to maximize interest and engagement.

Pre-School Care

Asbury Children's Center has 3 pre-school classrooms: the Mixed Age room for 3- to 5-year-olds, the 3.5 to 4.5 Year Old room, and the Pre-Kindergarten room for children who are one year away from Kindergarten.

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Pre-School Room Information:

  • We are a play-based program.
  • We understand that play is the work of childhood and the best way for children to apply skills that they have learned from direct teaching.
  • The daily routine provides time for both whole group teaching, small group activities, and time for children to make choices about where they will play.
  • In addition to academic skills, we spend much of our day practicing social skills.
  • When children play and interact, teachers coach them to create strong friendships and learn how to solve problems independently.

Periodically, classrooms will embark on an investigation! When teachers see that children are curious about a topic such as shadows, a bug on the playground, or scary dreams; they begin an in-depth investigation about the topic that includes activities to benefit all areas of development. Research shows that when children search for the answers to their own questions and spend the time to cover a topic in depth, they gain confidence, curiosity and a depth of knowledge.

After School care

Here at Asbury we have after school care for kindergartners through 6th grade.

Click here for our Parent's Handbook and Forms to fill out.

After School Care Information:

  • The children will have activities each day such as art projects, science projects, cooking, social studies, music, and many other subjects.
  • A snack is provided each day when they arrive from school.
  • Self control and respect are stressed in all of our activities.
  • Your child will have the opportunity to participate in various organized games during recess times.
  • Your children are able to come to Asbury when there are scheduled days off at the district school, unless it is a scheduled day off for the ACC. There is no additional charge to be here full day as it is built into the monthly tuition.
  • Field trips are planned in the summer that your children will enjoy.

Transportation is provided by the Asbury van from your child’s school to Asbury. Schools that we pick up from include Corinth, Tomahawk, and Briarwood. For students from Prairie Elementary, the school district will transport them from Prairie to the Asbury parking lot where our staff will meet the bus and then take them to their classrooms. Come join the fun!

Additional CAre Information

Additional Activities in All Classrooms

  • Sign Language is taught twice a week by a retired teacher who taught deaf & hard-of-hearing students.
  • Music & Movement classes twice a week.
  • Schoolyard Gardens come once a month, April to October, to help with our 4 raised garden beds and to teach us about planting & cultivating fresh produce.

ACC Meals

  • We are part of the Child & Adult Care Food Program.
  • We receive supplemental income for the meals we serve, which helps off set cost of the quality of meals & snacks we serve - whole grains, low-fat dairy products, and fresh fruit and vegetables.
  • There is a full-time cook on staff that makes most things from scratch - very few items on our menu are processed foods.

Comments from parents

"Asbury is far more than a daycare! It is truly a place where you want your child to be!" - David D.


"I commend your team at ACC for going above and beyond and setting a positive tone

for my son's educational future!" - Kerry W.

"We appreciate your communication transparency and dedication to the teachers. You and your staff make Asbury an exceptional place! We are so grateful to be a part of it!" - Amy K.